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Sanitizing corridor

Given the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we have decided to improve our twenty-plus years of experience in the lumber industry. All we’ve done is create a wooden, “zero impact” structure capable of carrying out sanitizing procedures upon people who pass through it.

We now propose a wooden, free-standing box with an automated sanitizing system that is regulated by a motion sensor with a photocell.


Sanitizing corridor is an extremely versatile tool, which can be placed at the entrance of your businesses. It’s suitable for reception structures, rest homes, supermarkets, cinemas, stands and any place where the proximity between people is unavoidable. This structure will allow for the sanitizing of these people before they enter.

The sanitizing structure comes to you with an assembly kit and can be easily installed in any place, even by non-experienced personnel in construction.

The sanitizing tunnel carries out hygienic operations by spray mist a disinfecting product upon the people who pass through it.

An arch lined with nozzles which will nebulize the disinfecting solution will be located at the entrance to the tunnel. Power and duration of the spray can be managed by an electric panel.

Sanitizing corridor: a solution for your business


The sanitizing tunnel has been designed and researched as a means of carry out decontamination procedures upon large amounts of people, who can undergo the process one-by-one. This structure is extremely resistant and is made to last for a long period of time.

Access to the sanitizing corridor is regulated by a practical signal with red and green lights, which will manage when people may enter. Lights works in combination with a motion sensor positioned at the tunnel entrance. Nozzles which nebulize the disinfecting product are also located along the arch and are designed to be able to reach the entire body of whoever enters the tunnel.

An electric panel, located outside of the sanitizing structure, will permit the control of duration and power of the spray mist, a solution composed of a mix of water and a disinfectant.

The interior of the structure contains a small duct designed to collect and drain excess water.

prototipo tunnel igienizzante in legno


The sanitizing corridor comes with an assembly kit (all individual components are CE certified) which includes:

  • A free-standing, certified GL24h plywood structure impregnated with a water-based walnut color;
  • The necessary hardware to assemble the structure;
  • A plywood and OSB3 floor platform covered with a non-slip mat;
  • A small duct, located along center of the floor’s length, covered with a flat grill, easy to walk over;
  • A fire-resistant, 700-gram PVC sheet with excellent resistance to ageing and to atmospheric agents. Clients may choose from a range of colors and even apply their custom-printed logos on adhesive backing;
  • An arch with spray-misting nozzles;
  • A wall equipped with an electric panel, pump and water tank;
  • Light signal to control timing of access to the tunnel;
  • Motion sensor which activates spray nozzles;
  • Timer to control the duration of spray mist.
sanificazione persone

The sanitizing tunnel may be ordered with customized measurements and comes with an instruction manual for correct assembly.

A personalized logo, printed on adhesive backing, may be ordered and applied to the PVC sheeting at an additional cost, as well as a body temperature monitor.

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